About the project

Dry Joy is the first book-form presentation of Iiu Susiraja's idiosyncratic photographic and video works. Author creates and presents provocative self-portraits spiced up by creatively used household items that break all sorts of rules. A carrot in a shoe, underpants in a pie, or a baguette held crosswise under the breasts: these are only few thought-provoking images of many warm and intriguing photographs. Susiraja’s works are candid, in the sense that they consist mostly of single-take videos and unedited photographs. The quirky gaze pursues the viewer, but at the same time their humour will win over the most cynical onlooker.


Open spine brochure.


2,4 mm 100% recycled Eskaboard cardboard chosen for the covers and three paper kinds used for inside pages: 150 gsm coated Maxima Silk and 120 gsm uncoated colored stock: Colorit Aqua Marine and Colorit Pink paper. 

Technical information

Open spine brochure with covers from recycled cardboard. Tipped-in image on the first cover and black silkscreen printing on the back cover. Three kinds of paper used for inside pages to separate different sections of the book.