About the project

Eating at Conjunction is a publication showcasing an exhibition by Johanne Hestvold. Generic containers have become a staple of modern life. Deeply enmeshed with our cultural fabric in everything from take away coffee cups, fast food, slow food, make up, hunting equipment, toys, stereo equipment, and the list goes on and on. In a way, our contemporary life comes in boxes. A container is an object that stores or transports fluids or smaller objects, as such a container contains. It protects the inside from the outside and vice versa. It is a sort of boundary between something and something else, between liquid and surface, between objects, between matter. It demarcates where something ends and something else begins. Mundane containers and mass-produced objects have for the last couple of years occupied the imagination of Johanne Hestvold. 

However, her new sculpture series, Eating at Conjunction, is closer to a study of the problem of relations rather than a contemplation on the nature of containing. Continuing to be fascinated by the container — a fascination originating in both a continuation of the study of the mundane and mass-produced, but also (or perhaps rather) a loyalty to form — Hestvold is now stepping further away from the concrete reality of mass-produced consumer goods and is moving closer to the concrete and abstract reality of boundaries.


Sewn softcover brochure with flaps.


330 gsm creative Gmund Heidi paper is chosen for the cover, and 120 gsm Kaskad Owl Gray creative paper, 100 gsm gloss coated Maxima paper together with 150 gsm premium quality uncoated Munken Print White paper pages are selected for the inside.

Technical information

Some graphic objects are embossed on the craft-brown cover together with some black colored offset print. There are three different kinds of paper on the inside of the brochure dividing it to three different sections.