About the project


Emil Otto Hoppe (1878-1972) was one of the most important photographers in the first half of the twentieth century, yet he fell into undeserved obscurity by the century‘s end. Hoppe became a true pioneer of the photobook as we know it today due to his experiences in Romania, where he codified his structure and approach to examining the physical nature of each country by careful observation of their people, topography, architecture, religion, rituals and customs. The publication beautifuly displays the photographs taken by E. O Hoppe in Romania in 1923.


Hardcover book with dust jacket of transparent paper.


220 gsm woven linen Natuur&Halflinen 1137 cloth used for the casecover, 150 gsm bulky coated Condat Matt Perigor paper for interior pages and 100 gsm translucent white Curious collection paper for separations. 160 gsm bright red colored uncoated Rainbow paper used for endpapers.

Technical information

Hardcover book with cloth casecover. Minimalistic design was chosen for the book: Dark blue foil debossed deep into the cover cloth. Dust jacket of transparent paper with print was chosen for additional durability and smear or dust resistance. High quality black&white photographies printed on the inside and spot UV varnish applied only on the pictures to emphasize  the contrast. Earth tones on the cover and monochrome prints on the inside are connected with bright red endpapers, which is an unexpected accent of the book.