About the project

Only a very small part of logos that were created in the USSR managed to survive until our days. Designed by professionals of various specialties, these graphic creations quickly became forgotten because of the fall of the Soviet Union. This inspired Rokas Sutkaitis to collect and analyse the forgotten logos created in USSR. It is essential to analyse not only the visual characteristics but the economic, social and political context of era in order to properly evaluate the phenomenon of Soviet logos and their utopic aspect. This monograph aims to rediscover the unrighteously forgotten logos and to introduce them into the global design context. The book not only comprises of a collection of more than 360 carefully redrawn marks, but also provides a thorough analysis of the ambiguous functions of Soviet logos.


Softcover brochure with cover of recycled paper.


300 gsm recycled one side coated Mirabell cardboard is used for the cover and 80 gsm uncoated Hbook Cream book paper chosen for the inside.

Technical information

Softcover brochure with cover from recycled one side coated cardboard. Minimalistic black&white graphic elements are used for both: the cover and inside.