Stockholm International Film Festival

„Stockholm International Film Festival“

1990 metais festivalio idėja gimė Git Scheynius, Ignas Scheynius ir Kim Klein – trims filmų entuziastams, kurie manė, jog Stokholmas turėtų turėti tarptautinio lygmens filmų festivalį.  

Back in 1990 the idea for the festival was born by Git Scheynius, Ignas Scheynius and Kim Klein - three film enthusiasts who felt that Stockholm should have a film festival of international rank.

Now, during 12 days, Stockholm International Film Festival takes over the cinemas of Stockholm, screening 170 films from more than 40 countries. Beyond film screenings, festival organizators arrange film quizzes, parties, seminars, etcetera.

Stockholm International Film Festival is discovering new talents and inspiring the new generation filmmakers.

The strong selection of international films, combined with our extensive network of contacts, makes the festival a successful meeting for producers, distributors and international sales agents.

KOPA is happy to support this festival.

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