About the project

Tabula Rasa is a photography and art magazine dedicated to giving emerging and established artists a platform to collaborate and create without commercial restraints. In Latin tabula rasa means an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate. According to magazine founders, when we are young, we do not know the limits of our imaginations, our curiosity sets the boundaries, we do not mold dreams based on success or consider failure. We are fearless and un-printed; we are born tabula rasa. Created by Sabrina Banta, Estee Kim and Hunter Abrams, Tabula Rasa magazine gives an alternative take on the world of art. 


Sewn bound softcover brochure.


320 gsm PopSet Cosmo Pink premium colored paper chosen for the cover and 140 gsm uncoated Maestro print paper used for the inside pages .

Technical information

Sewn bound softcover brochure with the cover of bright pink premium colored paper. Cover is decorated with red hot foil stamping and on the inside you can find high quality, saturated LE-UV printed photographs.